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For those who have become entrapped in the world of addiction, it can be hard to ascertain which direction to turn in order to obtain the necessary support to overcome substance abuse. Fortunately, Carter Recovery is here to offer you the assistance you need to reach your goals for recovery. The friendly staff here at our drug detox clinic is eager to help as many people as possible get the treatment they need to defeat addiction. When you are ready to accept the invaluable assistance we have to offer, we hope that you will consider our addiction recovery treatment facility.

How We Work

What we can do for your recovery.

Supervised Detox

When you arrive at Carter Recovery, the first stage of recovery will include taking part in an intake interview. This interview, which will be conducted by one of our friendly and welcoming staff members, will be your first step toward a comprehensive plan for addiction recovery treatment.

Caring Professionals

While some drug rehab centers provide every client who enrolls in the program with the same plan for recovery, we know that such an approach to treatment will not prove to be as effective as affording each individual client their own customized plan for recovery.

Dual Diagnosis

By getting to know the specifics of your situation and concocting a plan for addiction recovery treatment that considers your unique circumstances, the friendly and well-trained experts here at our substance abuse treatment facility can be assured they are providing our clients with impeccable recovery support.

Group Therapy

Why is personalized recovery treatment the most effective way to ensure substance abuse is treated? Because addiction is a disease that can require different treatment strategies depending on the individual who is struggling with substance abuse.