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Mission Vision and How We Work

For clients who attend the addiction recovery program at Carter Recovery, a full complement of different addiction recovery treatment strategies is available. This is because we recognize that not every client will need the same support as they work toward their goals for recovery. At our substance abuse treatment facility, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every client who walks through our doors is given the best possible shot at recovery.

Caring Professionals

This essential part of the substance abuse treatment process will provide us with the chance to get to know you better, allowing us to provide a more effective plan for addiction recovery treatment. Because the details we gather during this intake interview will be integral for the formation of your recovery plan, we urge you to be entirely honest during this portion of the process.

Dual Diagnosis

For some clients, the best possible addiction recovery treatment comes in the form of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. For about half of our clients, it isn’t just addiction that is causing them problems. They are also struggling with a co-occurring mental health disorder. In instances like this, it can be especially difficult for the individual to successfully overcome their addiction and reach recovery.

Supervised Detox

This is because the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder will continue to cause problems for the client after treatment if they are not properly treated themselves. Fortunately, thanks to the invaluable tool known as dual diagnosis, we are able to provide clients in this situation with the support they need to reach recovery.

Group Therapy

When you have completed treatment at our substance abuse treatment facility, we will provide you with a plan for aftercare treatment. This plan will be customized, just like your plan for treatment while you are with us here at Carter Recovery. Depending on your situation and progress, you might attend ongoing group sessions or continue to take part in individual therapy. Whatever your circumstances may be our friendly experts will continue to provide you with our support.